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Welcome to learntodance.com. Our goal is to make learning to dance as easy as possible. In addition to our Free online dance lessons where you will find step by step video lessons, we have a dance studio locator that will help you find a dance studio in your area.

You will also find the best instructional materials on DVD and VHS to help you learn to dance at home no matter what the dance style.

Find all of the latest trends in Argentine Tango, Ballet, Ballroom, Breakdance, Country/Western, Freestyle Dancing, Line Dancing, Hip Hop, Irish Dancing, Latin, Salsa, Swing Tap and more.

Learn how to dance and get in shape, build confidence and increase self-esteem. For years doctors have recommended dancing as a great way to stay in shape and keep a sharp mind. Click here for some of the many health benefits of dancing.

Not sure where to start or feel confused? Our professional staff can help! Contact us at help@learntodance.com or call 1.800.440.2095.

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